Mouthwash Overview

NatureGene is proud to offer followings mouthwash products with unique formula in four different flavors.


Green Tea - Aloe Vera

Aloe is widely embraced all over the world as an herb that oofers an all-natural protection for the skin, and would be featured as the base of this refreshing Green Tea flavored mouthwash. Oral protection is ensured due to the uniquely mucosal integrity of the aloe plant, which effectively helps oral ulcer healing and provides prevention of periodontitis effect.


Coconut - Mondo Grass

Chinese medicine research shows that Ophiopogon japonicus has the effect of Yang Sheng Jin, which can encourage a stronger immune system. With a refreshing coconut flavor, this formula would reduce the accumulation of tartar and inhibit the formation of oral ulcers.


Sea Salt - Honeysuckle

These ingredients are formulated to help to balance PH reduce bacteria grow, prevent plaque formation and reduce gingivtis swelling and pain, all delivered with fresh taste.


Fruit Punch - Dandelion

Dandelion has a strong detoxification function; when mixed with cischloramine, which inhibits a variety of bacteria, this mouthwash would be an extremely powerful, all-natural way to treat oral health. Our products will effectively keep oral hygiene and fresh breath to bring everyone.