Our Story

Founder Bill Qian started his venture in 1999, with his sister Dr. Heying Qian (a pharmacology doctor), introducing a successful establishment of herb pharmacy and traditional Chinese medical clinic "Naturegene Herb LLC", in the city of New Haven, Connecticut.

For eighteen years, they have provided warm and professional services for people of all walks of like in the southern Connecticut area. As the region's leader in herbal medial health industry, their reputation and professionalism is second to none.

In 2015, Mr. Bill Qian began a second venture the introduction of a new series of herbal mouthwash and related oral health products. In the future, his team will be create better health products and herbal solutions for the population.

About us

At present, the mouthwash industry in the United States offers products with high chemical compositions and high levels of alcohol, where formulas are too stimulating and leave a poor aftertaste (due to artificial colors).

The team behind NatureGene seeks to change this; we understand the market demand, so we are aiming to start to research and development and ultimately introduce herbal mouthwash. Now, more than ever, consumers care about the quality of ingredients present in the products they use every day.


Makes Different

NatureGene mouthwash is a unique formula, based on a combination of both Chinese herbal and new innovative aspects that can more effectively ensure oral health protection and prevention.

Some of the many benefits of NatureGene mouthwash include: helps reduce bad breath, prevent plague gingivitis, gum swelling, mouth ulcers; and providing fresh breath. 

Four different flavors:

  • Herbal Green Tea (Aloe)
  • Herbal Salt (Honeysuckle)
  • Herbal Fruit (Dandelion)
  • Herbal Coconut (Mondo Grasdd)